Leading National Plastics Distibutor Reaps Strong Rewards With FreightPOP's TMS Solution

At the height of the COVID pandemic, a major national plastics distributor was fulfilling incredible amounts of protective equipment orders. Due to the influx of orders they determined that they need to significantly enhance their supply chain by gaining full visibility across all transportation modes. They were able to achieve this and more through FreightPOP's TMS shipping software.

FreightPOP's solution gave the distributor:

  • A huge reduction in the time it takes to secure low freight rates on each order
  • Integration into their internal systems to reduce administrative work and clear bottlenecks  
  • The ability to manage inbound and outbound shipping
  • Enhanced reporting to make better decisions

Check out the case study to learn how we quickly rolled out our solution and helped the distributor gain better control and visibility over their supply chain.


FreightPOP Leanding National Plastics Distributor Reaps Strong Rewards With FreightPOPs TMS Solution


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