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LogiQuip Counts on Shipping Software for Custom Integrations

shipping software custom integrationsFree Case Study: 

LogiQuip reduces double data entry and errors by integrating shipping software with other business systems.

Are you working to
connect your systems to robust shipping software and cannot find the support or functionality you need? LogiQuip, an award-winning medical company that ships equipment throughout North America, ran into this very problem.

LogiQuip was disappointed with shipping software that failed to give them a way to improve their supply chain process. They turned to FreigthPOP to solve a number of critical issues. 

This case study will demonstrate how FreightPOP provides:

  • A way to capture data across your supply chain for better visibility and intelligence heading into carrier contract negotiations
  • Better interconnection between departments to streamline procurement, sales, and inbound/outbound shipments
  • A way to connect your custom APIs to your shipping processes - no double entry!
  • Shipping software that is simple to train on and use—yet capable of complex configurations

 Download the case study for free to learn more!

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