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Webinar Recording:
NetSuite ERP & Shipping Integrations with FreightPOP

Webinar Recording - Learn How to Rate-shop, Track, & Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions

FreightPOP recently joined NetSuite consultants Aarialife Technologies for a webinar on how to avoid supply chain issues, shop for the best rates, and generally manage shipping with a powerful transportation management system that integrates easily with NetSuite's ERP.

Watch the Recorded Webinar!

This webinar will teach you:

  • How to avoid risk and manage capacity issues 
  • How to find the best rates on inbound and outbound shipments  
  • How to identify and correct freight and shipping invoice discrepancies 
  • And much more!

And as a bonus, this webinar presents a visual demonstration into an integrated NetSuite/FreightPOP system that creates efficiencies throughout your supply chain, reducing manual work and saving you money.

Watch the webinar now!

Watch Our Recorded Webinar!