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How FreightPOP Helps Odeko Achieve $45,000 In Monthly Savings

Odeko Case Study Cover ImageCase Study Highlights FreightPOP's TMS NetSuite Integration: 

As a growing business, Odeko had several critical challenges and objectives when they selected FreightPOP's transportation management system to take the reigns of their logistics. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the remarkable success story and unlock substantial savings for your own business!

See how FreightPOP delivered:

A Solid NetSuite/TMS Integration—Savings within 2 days; Fully operational with NetSuite customization in 45 days.

A Massive Reduction in Shipping Costs—Saves $45,000 monthly.

A Powerful Single Platform To Book Rates—Process time reduced and KPIs established

A Robust, Intuitive System—1-hour training; International and external users adopting well

Get your hands on the case study to learn more!  

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"I've put a request in as late as two o'clock in FreightPOP's system, and a carrier has shown up by 4:30. FreightPOP has been invaluable for those last-minute situations—and we are definitely in an industry that's full of last-minute things."
Michael Teixeira
Logistics and Cross Rentals Coordinator, 4Wall Entertainment